Testimonials for Yvette Owo‘s Personal Finance Consulting
Here’s a testimonial from Sabina, who took the Financially Fab Personal Finance Program.

“To capture where . . . I am now, I would use the word ‘confident’. Your advice helped me realize how easy it is to get a basic understanding of my financial situation, both near- and long-term, how to think about my financial goals and how to take the steps to meet them. I’m no longer . . . afraid of that! And I know now that any time I have a question, all I have to do is ask (i.e. call the bank). But of course it’s also nice to know that I can always call you!

You definitely explained things clearly and turned managing my finances into something interesting and fun, rather than confusing and dreadful. Perhaps what I appreciated most of all was your . . . encouragement. That made the sessions fun and helped me feel confident.”
— Sabina

Here’s a testimonial from Sonny for Credit Card Consulting.

“After hearing Yvette’s experience with keeping a high credit score, I decided to take my credit score into my own hands! I called my credit card company and got a 200% increase in my credit limit. I’m not going to increase my monthly spending, so I’m using a lower percentage of my credit–  which improves my credit score! Thanks, Yvette!”
— Moshe


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