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Which goals have me scared as heck?

Exciting Beginnings

When I started Financially Fab last year, I was excited about creating the top online financial community for young professional women. I knew it was a large goal, but was passionate about providing women with solid financial advice. I spent much of 2010 researching blogging and web-based businesses.

Scared as all Heck

Fast forward to January 2011, I’ve done research and now it’s time to act. Let me tell you, that’s scary. The ambitious dream is turning into reality, while everyone (readers, friends, mentors) is watching. In December, I developed 4 goals for Financially Fab in 2011. I was still scared. Then I went to mentors asking for feedback. Without my noticing it, the goals turned into a laundry list of tasks. The breaking point occurred when my friend, the founder and president of a wealth management company, asked, “ What are your 2011 goals?” I listed 4 goals and quickly qualified by saying, first, I need to talk to X, Y, and Z person to confirm. He pushed, “What are your goals? What do you want?” It hit me; I’d been so caught up in having the perfect strategy for Financially Fab that I lost sight of my vision.

Finding my Vision Again

Sometimes, as women, we are so concerned about doing things perfectly that we lose confidence or ask for too much advice. Women in business tend to have higher success rates on the risks they take by doing more research, planning, and preparation than male counterparts. We also take fewer risks and sometimes over-prepare, missing out on opportunities in the process.[i] As women, we have to remember to stay true to our visions!

What are your 2011 goals? I decided that for 2011, I will:

  • Post on Financially Fab weekly until March and twice a week after that
  • Design a financial product for young professional women and get 20 customers willing to pay
  • Do 2 on-camera appearances (outside of Financially Fab) where I discuss personal finance

Join in:

What’s a goal that’s got you scared as all heck? How are you going to act on it? What are your 2011 goals?