I offer financial consulting tailored for young professionals that want to become wealth.  I am passionate about providing young professionals with sound financial advice.
We can work together to develop your Holistic Financial Roadmap to help you grow your wealth, manage money, and pay down debt.  The Essential Financial Services are the core of the financial roadmap and the Add-On Services enhance the roadmap.

Essential Financial Services 

  • Strategy for long-term retirement planning
  • Debt repayment plan to minimize your total interest payment

Add-On Financial Services

  • Savings plan to meet your short- and long-term financial goals
  • Automated system for managing your finances in 45 minutes per month
  • Personalized budget including fun spending, savings, and your large financial goals
  • Tools/tips to optimize your accounts by decreasing fees and increasing perks

My financial consulting is targeted to provide solid advice for young professionals.  Please email explaining the financial help you want, and we can work together to develop a Holistic Financial Strategy tailored for you!

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