Money is a Magnifier! What Does Your Spending Say about You?


“Money is a magnifier. It just makes you more of what you really are.”
– Bob Proctor


When I get a large chunk of cash, I spend more on my health and well-being, donate anonymously, save/invest, travel, and buy services that free up time.  My spending is focused on increasing my quality of life, giving, and growing my net worth so I can do more of the first two things!

What would you do with an extra $1 million dollars?  Buy Louis Vuitton purses? Buy a Porsche? Rent or buy a yacht? Donate to charity? Invest?  Give to your family? . . .

More practically, what will you do with money from your next raise or bonus?   How you spend the extra money reflects your values.  What does your spending say about you?




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